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Solar Jobs Are In High Demand!

April 14, 2011

If you are in construction and unemployed, or are worrying about becoming unemployed, you have a great opportunity to get into a growing field of Solar, as a Solar panel Installer . Renewable energy jobs will be the jobs of the future. By learning this trade today, you will be securing your future for tomorrow.

 Solar panel installers are responsible for installing solar panels onto rooftops of residential homes, eco-friendly condominiums, outdoor lighting systems, and anywhere else where solar panels are needed. The majority of solar installers have at least a high school diploma and some sort of experience in mechanical or electrical installation.

The demand for solar installers is growing rapidly and employers are looking for workers with specific solar training. As a result eRenewable Resource Institute Providing ISPQ Accredited* Hands-On Solar Installation Training located in sunny Phoenix Arizona is offering a variety of classes to meet the need. All eRenewable students qualify for ARG STAFFING’s free “green staffing machine,” services that include assistance with job placement and career enhancement.

 Classes are limited so visit the website,, for a complete list of available classes and dates.

Business owners take note that all eRenewable Resource classes qualify for AZ State Fund‘s TUITION REIMBURSEMENT through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Employers sending your workers to our school to upgrade their skills won’t hurt your pocketbook either as Arizona State reimbursements is up to 90%.

For individual professionals or entry level workers, we offer a variety of financing options for you as well. All aRRI courses provide eligibility for a paid internship through our staffing partner, ARG Staffing, and all students qualify for ARG Staffing’s free “green staffing machine,” services that include assistance with job placement and career enhancement.

*ISPQ accreditation, issued by The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, is not a recognized accrediting body by the US Department of Education

Six New Tuition Assistance Programs for New eRenewable Resource Institute Solar Students

March 11, 2011

Arizonians looking to break into the renewable energy industry now have new tuition help options thanks to; Arizona Workforce Connection, Department of Economic Security Workforce Connection for Veterans, Central Arizona Association of Governments, Arizona Women’s Education & Employment, Northern Arizona Council of Government and Goodwill of Central Arizona’s recent approval of eRenewable Resource Institute as a supplier of renewable energy education. In many cases the new supplier approval status provides qualified candidates with up to 100% tuition assistance for eRenewable’s Photovoltaic Installer Program and Photovoltaic System Design Program.

“Renewable energy careers in Arizona continue to grow to date; many of our graduates looking for experience have found it. The new supplier status will help more individuals take advantage of the nationally recognized training right here in Arizona,” said Renewable Resource Group founder and CEO, Donna Marie Bertault. All eRenewable Resource Institute entry and advanced level solar installation classes focus on residential and commercial solar design, installation and compliance through Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) curriculum, hands-on working labs and seasoned solar professionals. eRenewable Resource Institute helps potential students tap into both tuition aid and career assistance at no additional cost to the student. Enrollment is currently underway for the next five-day PV 100 Beginning Solar Installation and Design class which begins March 21st. Potential students are encouraged to learn more by visiting

eRenewable Resource Institute headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Post-secondary Education and ISPQ* accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. eRenewable Resource Institute is a renewable energy school and a NABCEP approved provider for the NABCEP Entry Level exam.

by:Dee Ann Deaton

Finance Your New Career with eRenewable Resource Institute

September 22, 2010

eRenewable Resource Institute is proud to announce that we now offer financing for professionals who want to break into the solar industry.

According to a study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, jobs in Arizona’s green industries grew faster than overall state employment over a recent 10-year period so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Today you can get your career on track and funded in as little as 1 week with beginner and advanced classes offered through eRenewable Resource Institute is the first and only licensed Private Post-Secondary Education School in the state of Arizona.

Solar is our business both as educators and when it comes to helping our students launch or enhance their green careers.  All aRRI courses provide eligibility for a paid internship through our staffing partner, ARG Staffing and all students qualify for ARG Staffing’s  free “green staffing machine,” services that include assistance with job placement and career enhancement.

It’s never been a better time to jump with both feet into a new career in solar and it’s easier than ever to get trained with our simple financing options.

Call to find out how to apply for financing now (480) 446-0400 or contact us at,

Get Paid to Train in Solar Now!

September 22, 2010

The time is now for green jobs and trained workers are in higher demand than ever. Arizona is on board as one of the key states working hard to make solar energy and renewable energy readily available with the building of the largest solar power plant in the world, Solana, as it has been named, in Gila Bend.

All three eRenewable Resource Institute programs are approved by the AZ Workforce Connection which provides funding for under or unemployed workers who want to break into solar industry. 

These programs include:  

Pv100 – Solar Design & Installation

This is your entrance into an exciting entry-level career in the growing renewable energy industry.  Students develop basic trade knowledge of photovoltaic (PV) systems, designs and safe installation of residential and commercial solar-electric systems.

Pv200 – Advanced Solar Design & Compliance

This classroom oriented session expands upon PV100. It focuses on the National Electric Code (NEC), including grid interface calculations, grounding considerations and wire sizing. Participants evaluate system performance under various operating conditions. Commercial system design elements, including inter-row shading, inverter selection, and data monitoring solutions, are covered.


Pv101 – Residential Solar Installation Lab

This hands-on workshop offers three (3) days (8am-5pm) of supervised installation practice on solar-electric systems. This workshop focuses on how to safely install, test and commission solar-electric systems. Hands-on labs for installation of source electrical including: disconnects ac/dc, inverters, meter base, combiner boxes, utility interconnects. Osha safety training integrated in program.

All of these courses provide eligibility for a paid internship through our staffing partner, ARG Staffing. All our students also qualify for ARG Staffing’s  free “green staffing machine,” services that include assistance with job placement and career enhancement.

Don’t hesitate to get into the well-paying, secure field of solar design and installation. It’s easy with eRenewable Resource Institute!

Classes are limited so call today or visit their website for a complete list of available classes and dates. or Register by Phone at (480) 446-0400

AriSEIA Members……

July 6, 2010

At long last, we have a decision from the Arizona Corporation Commission that will allow companies that use the Solar Service Agreement model for financing photovoltaic systems to move forward with projects without the need for regulation by the ACC.  This long awaited decision will allow many projects that have been placed on hold to proceed.  The day long meeting of the ACC saw two competing amendments introduced to overturn the Administrative Judges Recommended Ruling and Order that solar companies should be regulated by the Commission. The first amendment was drafted by Commissioner Gary Pierce, who sought early industry input on the proposed amendment to insure that the language did exactly what the solar industry needed it to do.  The second amendment was drafted by Commission Chairman Kris Mayes.   Commissioner Mayes amendment was ultimately adopted and approved with a unanimous vote.   Despite urging from the industry, the decision only covers companies installing solar systems for schools, government and nonprofits.  The next step is to determine how we can best work at the ACC to include private companies wishing to enter into Solar Service Agreements.   Although one of the amendments did cover private companies, Commissioner Mayes expressed concerns that the decision was too broad and some parties who agreed the ALJ’s order might file suit to overturn the Commissions ruling.   

SSA Article:

Feed in Tariff

Commissioner Kris Mayes has issued a draft Feed in Tariff rule and is looking for comments from the industry by July 9th.  AriSEIA will be forming a FIT Task Force to review the document and put together AriSEIA’s comments to the Commission.  Since time is short, we will be holding a conference call in the next few days.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Task Force, please review the Draft Rule.  Please let us know your desire to participate in the Task Force via email to Lee Feliciano by the end of business on Tuesday, July 6th.  We will then inform you of the details of the conference call.

Other News

Finally, after a great deal of hope and speculation, President Obama announced the federal governments backing of a $1.45 billion loan guarantees for the building of the 280 megawatt Solana Generating Station, in Gila Bend, by Abengoa Solar.  Arizona Public Service will purchase the power. 

Abengoa Article:

If you have any questions comments on any of the above, feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your support

Michael Neary

Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association



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