Solar Challenge Going on in Arizona between Communities

Most Arizona residents do not realize there is a challenge going on between communities to see who is best utilizing solar within their community.  Arizona SmartPower is the organization leading this challenge.  They want the communities to commit to installing solar on 5% of owner-occupied homes by the year 2015.  In addition, they have partnered with local credit unions to create solar loan products, making installation easier for homeowners.   Currently, there are a dozen Arizona communities taking on this challenge, but they welcome greater participation and competition.

Arizona SmartPower is a non-profit organization.  Once a county, or even an HOA, has passed a resolution supporting the goal of 5% solar on owner-occupied homes they go to work in the community.  They reach out offering educational seminars, solar coaching sessions and recruit solar ambassadors.

Once your community is involved homeowners can contact the organization and ask for a Solar Coach.  The Solar Coach assigned to a homeowner will help them to:

– Figure out how much the system will cost;

– Calculate the monthly cost savings;

– Decide what equipment is best for the home; and

– Find a certified solar trained installer.

Since Arizona SmartPower is a neutral third party they do not sell or install any equipment.  Nor do they receive a commission from parties that do.  They simply offer homeowners the resources so they can do the research and make a decision for their installation.

Once a homeowner has solar installed on their home they will more than likely be asked to become a Solar Ambassador for the program.  The best people to discuss and sing the praises of solar energy are the people benefiting from the program.  This is a very important key to the Arizona Solar Challenge and their success.

If you have questions or would like to bring the Arizona Solar Challenge to your community please contact Toni Bouchard at or call her at 480-219-4395.

Interested in entering the solar energy industry?  Whether you need certified solar training to become a BPI Analyst, Weatherization Tech, Solar Panel Installer or receive training in solar thermal and solar domestic hot water we have a program.  To begin your new career, start training with eRenewable Resource Institute.  Contact us at 480 446-0400 or


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