50 New Permanent Solar Jobs Coming to Goodyear, Arizona

Exciting news for the economy of Goodyear, Arizona – Saint-Gobain of France broke ground this week on the construction of a solar mirror facility.  This new facility when completed will employ 50 permanent positions.  In addition the facility will manufacture millions of square feet of solar mirrors used in solar thermal and concentrating solar power (CSP) installations, including solar concentration towers and liner Fresnel lenses.

This facility is the first in the U.S. for the multi-billion multinational corporation.  Fabrice Didier of Saint-Gobian was quoted saying, “Our strategic decision to expand manufacturing into the United States confirms the importance of this market in our business portfolio. The new facility will be working with the best technology available.”  According to a Solar Energy Industry Association-GTM Research market study, the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry grew 69% year-over-year in Q2 2011 here in the U.S.

Saint-Gobian made the decision to build in Arizona because of the proactive renewable energy policy.  Didier said, “The Arizona Renewable Energy Tax Incentive Program helped to encourage us to select the state for our new plant. Following a tough selection process, we chose to set up our plant in the Phoenix area, in Goodyear, where we are pleased to have been very positively received.”

Mayor of Goodyear, Georgia Lord, said, “Goodyear is honored to have Saint-Gobain, one of the top 100 worldwide companies and a leader in the solar industry, build its first North American solar facility in our city. We’re pleased the state solar incentive program that Goodyear worked so hard on has brought us such a prominent solar partner.”

In addition to the 50 jobs it will create in Goodyear there will be other local businesses like restaurants, housing, home improvement store, etc. that will benefit from the building of this new facility.

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