Benefits of Installing Solar Energy Panels

The more people learn about solar energy it is hard to imagine that they cannot see the benefits of installing solar energy panels on their homes.  Just in case the benefits of incorporating solar energy are still misunderstood please find below a list of benefits homeowners can receive by going green.

  • Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it.
  • We can generate our own source of electricity via solar panels, so we need not be dependent on the public utility companies and their price structure.
  • Once installed solar energy requires little maintenance.
  • Choosing solar energy creates jobs.  It is a growing industry and people are continuously seeking certified solar training programs so they are eligible for hire.
  • In many states there are significant tax rebates offered on the equipment and installation of solar related products and services.
  • If the solar system creates more solar power than used most electric companies will provide credits or write a check at the end of the year to the homeowner for the additional power generated.
  • Solar electricity power plants and personal solar panels produce zero emissions and make no adverse mark on the environment.
  • Large solar plants are providing so many jobs it is boosting the economy in the surrounding areas for small business owners or restaurants, drug stores, etc.
  • The advancements in technology used to create solar energy are continuing to improve making it even more cost effective. As it becomes more affordable to install new solar energy generators the price of solar electricity will continue to decrease.
  • Solar energy panel installation companies are already offering leasing programs to make it even more affordable and accessible for every homeowner.

Investing in solar energy for a home or business is a smart move that will only pay off financially and environmentally in the future.  The benefits will continue to flourish over time.

Interested in entering the solar energy industry?  Whether you need certified solar training to become a BPI Analyst, Weatherization Tech, Solar Panel Installer or receive training in solar thermal and solar domestic hot water we have a program.  To begin your new career, start training with eRenewable Resource Institute.  Contact us at 480 446-0400 or



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2 Responses to “Benefits of Installing Solar Energy Panels”

  1. brookehaughton Says:

    I agree with you. When installing solar panels it does not need too much maintenance. As an owner, you can generate your own electricity using pv solar panels without extra effort. However, you still need the help of professional solar panel installers to locate the right position where you want to put it.

  2. Solar Says:

    I agree that using solar energy panels has more benefits than negative sides.I’d say that we do not have choice. For a short period Fossil fuel will lack

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