Vote “YES” on “Go Solar in Arizona” Economic Development Initiative

“Go Solar in Arizona” Economic Development Initiative will increase Arizona’s Personal Solar Tax Credit from 25% to 50% with a maximum cap of $12,000 per rooftop. This will make it affordable for an average household to be able to pay for a 5.3-kilowatt system that will save them around $1,000 per year on their electricity bill at today’s rates.

Why should you vote YES on this initiative?  This initiative will allow Arizona to…

  1. Install their preferred source of renewable solar energy resource
  2. Reduce operating costs for utilities by $3 billion
  3. Protect themselves from rising traditional energy costs
  4. Create thousands of jobs in solar & industry related support positions
  5. Generate millions in new taxable state revenue
  6. Engage investors into SREC’s
  7. Setup SREC Trading Exchange to buy/sell/export SREC’s
  8. Create a demand for more than two million solar panels
  9. Attract new solar panel manufacturing plants to meet the demand
  10. Make solar affordable with the SREC’s & a $12,000 solar tax credit

Based on the growth achieved by the solar industry in 2009 to 2010, the “Go Solar in Arizona” Economic Development Initiative should create the demand for more than 1,300 new solar installation companies that will create jobs for approximately 10,000 to 20,000 workers as the solar industry grows.   What a great way to transition the number of displaced construction related workers in Arizona that were unable find work after the housing market fell apart.  Now they can find a certified solar training program, get the additional training they need and re-enter the workforce into an industry that is on the rise and in demand.

The main goal of this initiative is to create jobs, make solar affordable for homeowners and help protect Arizona families from rising electricity bills.

Interested in entering the solar energy industry?  Whether you need certified solar training to become a BPI Analyst, Weatherization Tech, Solar Panel Installer or receive training in solar thermal and solar domestic hot water we have a program.  To begin your new career, start training with eRenewable Resource Institute.  Contact us at 480 446-0400 or

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