Want Government Contracts for Solar Energy Jobs? Get Certified in Renewable Energy

A lot of people don’t marvel at the idea of having to “go back to school”, however for some professions it is necessary to get certified in order to obtain employment.  Almost all US companies that work in solar energy require some type of vocational training in solar energy. Many government jobs require solar energy certification before they will accept a bid on an available green job/project. For those people who are seeking a career in renewable solar energy or actively looking for a career they should check into a certified solar energy training programs.

The government is investing billions of dollars in “green-collared” jobs, improving the ways to utilize renewable energy resources and trying to use them as a primary source of energy within the US. Law does not require certification for renewable energy professionals but it is still required before you can bid on many government jobs related to renewable energy. This factor will make the investment in the training and certification process worthwhile in both time and expense.

US government funded jobs have a tendency to create more jobs and demands for similar services. Once a standard is set, the demand for certified solar training programs will increase and so will the number of people trying to break into the field. Being ahead of the curve, especially in this economic time, should be the primary catalyst to spring into action now if a career in solar energy is the desired result. US government subsidies and funding will not last forever.

Interested in entering the solar energy industry?  Whether you need training to become a BPI Analyst, Weatherization Tech, Solar Panel Installer or receive training in solar thermal and solar domestic hot water we have a program.  To begin your new career, start training with eRenewable Resource Institute.  Contact us at 480 446-0400 or info@erenewableresource.com.

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