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eRenewable Institute Gets Top Accreditation from IREC’s ISPQ Award Committee

December 28, 2010

Get accredited training and start your new career in solar right here in Arizona.

The courses offered at eRenewable Resource are all accredited by the IREC’s ISPQ Award Committee and will provide you the education you deserve. Continuing Education Accreditation is highly sought after by those in the solar industry who know what it takes to succeed. You will receive accredited training from certified instructors and top field engineers.

Accredited courses are as followed:

1. PV 100: Solar Installation and Design

2. PV 101: Residential Solar Installation Lab

3. PV 200: Advanced Solar Design and Compliance

The three courses being offered focus on different levels of training. The PV 100 workshop is an introductory course to the fundamental concepts needed to work with PV systems. The PV 150 gives hands-on training for installation of solar-electric system under expert supervision. The PV 200 advanced training course allows you apply for the National Electric Code (NEC) electric systems based on solar energy certification.

What does it mean to achieve ISPQ Accreditation?

It means that you are receiving the best training in the industry, as our program has been given the highest accreditation by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, and the ISPQ Award Committee.

As an ISPQ Accredited Continuing Education Provider, we are authorized to proudly display the IREC accreditation logo for the courses which we offer. 

Accredited coursework on your resume stands out over those without. Your current and future employers can rest assured they are working with individuals trained from accredited schools.

These courses are also backed by ARG Staffing, a recruitment and career development agency catering to organizations like an eRenewable Resource or any institute involved in green energy vocational studies.

So start the New Year off with a new career in Solar, the hottest growing industry in the world. eRenewable Resource, Arizona’s top accredited Renewable Energy School, can get you on the fast track to success.

Don’t wait until next year to get registered. New Solar installation and Design classes forming now for January!

Call now, 480-446-0400 or visit our website,

 The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is the North American Licensee for the ISPQ Standard for Accreditation & Certification of renewable energy Continuing Education Providers.

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